Friday, August 29, 2014

Last night was our first class.

I was going to write a post about our first class but my colleague, Laurie, said it perfectly on our fb page so I copied her post and will simply say ditto.   

Good Morning, What a beautiful day it is! As I sit down today to write this post I am so excited. We had our introduction class for Getting Ahead last night and it was such a wonderful experience. I wanted to make a post last night but made myself wait because I would have just gushed with emotion from the excitement! This post will still be filled with emotion and excitement. 
Our group gathered for a meal with the Bridge community at FUMC Claremore prior to our class and we started getting to know one another. 
As we moved to the classroom and started more detailed introductions, we found some of our group were already aquatinted while others were new to everyone. We shared names, our favorite types of music and how we all came to be in the Getting Ahead group. Within just a very short time conversations were started and we began the first steps to building a support system for each other. We discovered that two of our members had been on American Band Stand many years ago. Already we are discovering so many shared experiences. As we finished up and started to leave, I was overwhelmed at how many of the group shared that they couldn't wait to come back next week and dig into Module 1. Please be in prayer for us as we look at this first session, "My Life Now". Our Investigators will have their work cut out for them on this first session. 
Blessings to All, 

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