Saturday, May 31, 2014

The journey begins.

Several months ago I embarked in a new journey in my life, a desire that has been in my heart all my life but not acted upon in earnest until now. That desire is to help those who by no fault of their own struggle to make a living, have a good education and raise healthy, strong, independent children.  I have joined forces with several others to bring an initiative called Bridges Out of Poverty to the Claremore/Rogers County community. The Bridges Out of Poverty initiative attacks poverty on every level that poverty affects our society.   It draws the entire community together to solve the issues that create and sustain poverty in a community.

We are also offering a curriculum called Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World.  The curriculum helps those in poverty study the effects of poverty in their lives and the community, gives tools to help them create a self directed plan to help them achieve economic stability and connects them with resources to help them succeed.    

This will be a long journey with many ups and downs but I can’t think of anything more rewarding in life than to make a real, substantial difference in the quality of life for human beings.  I hope you will follow along in this journey and if you feel lead to walk down this path with me you are more than welcome to join me.